Learn To Knit The Little Pyramid Stitch

Learn to loom knit the super easy Little Pyramid Stitch in this loom knitting stitch tutorial made by Denise Canela of Loomahat.com. This loom knitting video is so easy to follow and so well made that a beginner can learn this with ease. The tutorial is a tutorial to teach you how to use your loom to knit a new stitch. It is not a complete project loom knitting video that takes you from the cast-on to the cast-off or bind off.

What the little pyramid stitch is is a easy to learn and do stitch to use if you want to add some pizazz to a loom knitted project such as a blanket, wash cloth or dishcloth. The stitch itself is a combination of the purl stitch, and the flat version of the knit stitch.

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with the purl or the knit stitch because the excellent close ups of the knitting being done combined with the detailed explanations Denise gives makes it easy for even the beginner to follow along with the Denise as she demonstrates how to knit the stitch. 

Another good trait you will find in almost all of the LoomaHat.com loom knit tutorials is the on-screen instructions and patterns. This is something I think that makes so easy to learn the little pyramid stitch.

The basic pattern Denise uses to create the little pyramid stitch:

Four things to know are

  • It is an 8 stitch pattern meaning you will use 8 pegs
  • (p) is used indicate a purl stitch and
  • (k) is used to indicate a knit stitch and
  • All even numbered rows are 8 knit stitches.

Row 1 is P1,K7

Row 2 is K8

Row 3 is P2,K5,P1

Row 4 is K8

Row 5 is P3,K3,P2

Row 6 is K8

Row 7 is P4,K1,P3

Row 8 is K8

Row 9 is K4,P1,K3

Row 10 is K8

Row 11 is K3,P3,K2

Row 12 is K8

Row 13 is K2,P5,K1

Row 14 is K8

Row 15 is K1,P7

Row 16 is the last row which of course is K8

You repeat this pattern of rows until you you reach the desired length of your project.

Be sure to watch the entire video tutorial so that you don’t miss any of the tips Denise gives you during the tutorial.

If you like this loom knitting tutorial be sure to give Denise a word of thanks for taking the time to make and share this tutorial by visiting her website Loomahat.com. There you will also find many more fantastic tutorials and find help if you need it.


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