Loom Knit Baby Booties

Need a useful gift for the new baby in your family? Why not loom knit the new family member a pair of baby booties. Well this loom knitting video tutorial will show you an easy way to use your loom to create a gift given from the heart that will actually be used. This video made be by Denise Canela and uploaded under the name MissionBoundCreations takes you from beginning to the finished baby booties.

You are shown which loom to use, given the free loom knitting pattern to use, and those not big on keeping count of their rows are even given a good tip of how to keep count of their rows. (excuse the sentence structure) The video is a good one. It is well shot with plenty of good close-ups of the work being done. Denise did a good job backing the visuals with good verbal instructions. She is able to do this in a personable way without adding a lot of useless chatter you find in some loom knitting video tutorials. It is a good loom knitting video giving you everything you need to learn to loom knit the booties and nothing you don’t need. Take a look at the video and learn to loom knit a useful gift.

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