Learn to Loom Knit the Lacy Hexagon Stitch

Here is a really easy to learn loom knit stitch that looks great on any project you want to use it on. This stitch is called the Lacy Hexagon Stitch and is presented by Tuteate one of the best loom knitting sites for both beginner loom knitters and experienced loom knitters. It was given the lacey hexagon stitch due to the honeycomb look you see when you get a few rows of knitting a panel done. This is not a project video but rather one that teaches you a new stitch to use in you loom knitting projects.

When you watch the video you will learn the following:

– How to cast on
– How to work a \”bottom border\”
– How to work the \”Lacy Hexagon Stitch\” in flat panel
– How to work a \”top border\” and bind off

 I say Tuteate is one of the best sites to learn to loom knit from because of the superior quality of the tutorials you always get from a Tuteate loom knitting video. You don\’t get verbal instructions but you do get perfectly shot close-ups of the knitting being done which is accompanied by step by step on-screen written instructions. What you also get is a beginning to end video. So you will learn how to start your stitch and you will learn how to bind off your stitch. Tuteate keeps the beginner in mind.  Your even given a link to the supplies you will need if you need help knowing what to start with. Here is that link if you need it, Tuteate Amazon link to the materials used. Be aware Tuteate may get a small commission that will not cost you anything if you buy your supplies using this link. 

I believe you will love to use this stitch in your projects once you see just how good it looks. Watch the video and see how easy to learn this loom knitting stitch and I think you will agree. 

If you like the video don\’t forget to let Tuteate know just how much you appreciate the time that went into making and sharing this video with the loom knitting community by visiting Tuteate.com




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