Loom Knit A Hexagonal Geopuff

If you ever wanted to learn how to use a loom to knit what some call biscuit motifs or hexagonal geopuffs then this is the loom knitting video tutorial to learn by. This video or I should say videos take you step by step from beginning to end in a six part series. The video was uploaded under the name  and is a Brenda Meyers (Loom Lore) video.

The video is a little longer than what I am accustomed to but its worth taking the time to watch. The length is the result of the time taken to take you step by step giving you the details you need to complete the loom knitting project. It is an especially good video for those new to loom knitting because of the details and tips you get. Brenda covers a variation of the draw string cast on to the bind off and everything in between. She gives you close-ups and on-screen displays of the pattern she is using to create the geopuff.

I have included all six parts of the knitting tutorial given by Brenda so that you can follow along from beginning to end. take a look at the videos and create your next loom knitting project.


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