Loom Knit An Easy Poncho

Learning to loom knit a poncho maybe a good idea now that cooler weather is approaching. You can see just how easy it is to knit your first poncho by following along with Mumtazm in this loom knitting video. In the video you are shown two different ways to loom knit a poncho. The first was more difficult to follow along with because the bright red color used in loom knitting the poncho faded with the lighting. The second loom knitted poncho lesson was much easier to watch and also less involved. It is not the close-ups you get with most of the other videos you will find on loom knitting videos dot com but I thought the verbal instructions and the explanations included in the loom knitting tutorial made something loom knitters could gain some good loom knitting tips from. I do like the detail and the time Mumtazm takes to draw out the loom knitting pattern. Let me know what you think about this loom knitting video. How easy is it for you to follow. Please include your level of loom knitting expertise so I’ll be able to gauge the appropriateness of Mumtazm’s loom knitting videos for this site.

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