Loom Knit A Netted Hat The Easy Way

Learn the easy and quick way to loom knit a netted hat in this loom knitting video by Scarlett Royal. This is another quality loom knitting tutorial by Scarlett Royal  in which she takes you from the cast on to the finished project. Those of you who have seen any of the loom knitting videos done by Scarlett you know you going to get a well produced loom knitting lesson packed with good tips, on-screen instructions, well spoken verbal instructions, and good shots of the knitting being done. In her videos she takes the extra step of providing you with the list of supplies you will need to complete the project. Loom Knitted Netted HatYou will also find a link to her free loom knit pattern to the loom knitted netted hat.

In the video you will find that Scarlett uses terms that new loom knitters may not be familiar with. This list of terms may be helpful to new knitters:

EW: E-Wrap
CO: Cast On
D: Decrease
YO: Yarn Over
DSCOF: Draw String Cast Off

As a bonus Scarlett also provides a video showing you how to use your loom to make matching fingerless gloves. She also gives you the free loom knitting pattern for the gloves which I’ll list the link to below.

The link to Scarlett’s blog and  free loom knitting hat pattern is
Hat Pattern

To see the video for the matching long fingerless gloves follow this link:

Glove Loom Knitting Video and free glove pattern

The gloves are a little more advanced but with Scarlett’s fantastic loom knitting video tutorial and patience I am sure your gloves will look as good as you hat will. If you stumble visit her blog using one of the above links. She is one of the best about answering questions helping her loom knitting fans out.

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