Loom Knit the Double Moss Stitch Pattern

Learn to loom knit the Moss Stitch Pattern in this awesome loom knitting video by Denise of LoomaHat.com. The video is short but packed with good loom knitting tips, fantastic looks at the knitting being done, great verbal instructions, and as everyone knows my favorite, on-screen instructions.   In the video you are taught in step by step instructions how to loom knit the double moss stitch pattern using your round loom. The basic skills included in this loom knitting video are the U-wrap knit stitch and the Purl Stitch. Like the best of the loom knitting tutorials the pattern you are being taught is provided for you with on-screen. You don’t have to leave the video to visit another site to get the loom knit pattern. Watch this video to get a free loom knit pattern for a stitch you can use to dress up your next loom knitting project.

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