Two of the Best Easy Loom Knit a Blanket Tutorials

Learn how to easily loom knit a blanket that will keep you warm during the fast approaching cold weather. Here are two great video tutorials to make you loom knitted blanket projects a snap to complete. 

In this video shared by Tuteate you will learn how to use your round loom to loom knit a striped garter stitch blanket in which the stripes have been worked directly attached to one another (without sewing them!).  Here are the main lessons you will take away from watching this Tuteate loom knit a blanket tutorial.

  • – How to cast on
  • – How to work purl stitches, knit stitches and e-wrap knit stitches.
  • – How to bind off
  • – How to work a piece directly attached to another one 

If you are the not only a visual learner but also a person that likes to supplement your visual instructions with a written PDF  pattern you can find a copy of the pattern used to create this blanket at Ravelry at this link

Tuteate blanket PDF pattern on Ravelry

The second loom knitting tutorial is shared with loom knitters by Denise Canela of

In this video you will learn how to use your 24 peg round loom to knit a baby blanket.

Denise uses a stitch combination of knit and purl for a beautiful garter stitch. Don’t worry if you are a beginner and are not familiar with the stitches because she will take you step by step from the beginning to completion.

If you have not experienced teaching style of Denise Canela I think you will be highly impressed with it. If you are a visual learner you will like the close-up visuals of the knitting being done. The patient verbal instructions will give you a relaxed learning experience. Serving as a back up to both are the on-screen instructions. The last thing that makes learning to loom knit this blanket easy is the PDF pattern made available on Etsy at this link: Loomahat’s Blanket PDF pattern.

So you now understand just why the Loomahat videos are so popular.

Watch both how to loom knit a blanket tutorials to learn how to make the cold days a little bit warmer. 


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