Loom Knit A Mesh Bag – An Easy Summer Project

Loom knitting a mesh bag is an easy beginner’s loom knit project not only for those new to loom knitting but also for experienced knitters that are ready to loom knit something that can be used in both the winter and summer months.

In this Tuteate video you will learn to use your 41-peg loom to knit a mesh bag that can be used year-round. The video will take you step by step by first listing the materials you will need to knit your bag to finishing your bag by showing you how to close the bottom of the bag.


Here is a list of the steps the video will take you through to loom knit your mesh bag :

Casting on

Knitting the bag

Knitting the top border

Binding off

Knitting the handle

Attaching the handle to the opposite side

Closing the bottom of the bag

Those new to loom knitting will learn the things listed below as you follow along with the video tutorial :

  1. How to cast on stitches on the loom
  2. How to work a mesh
  3. How to work the flat bind off
  4. How to knit a cord

If you this is the first loom knitting video tutorial you have watched that is made by Tuteate what you will find is a very detailed style of teaching. You will not find verbal instructions but the on-screen text instructions makes it easy to follow and allows you to pause the video and still have the instructions in front of you. Although there is no verbal instructions the soothing background keeps you relaxed and focused on the on-screen instructions.

One last thing if you don’t already have all the needed materials Tuteate makes them easy to find by maintaining an Amazon store which you can visit at https://www.amazon.com/shop/tuteate

Easy Loom Knit Project Mesh Bag
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