How To Loom Knit A Messenger Purse On A Circular Knitting Machine

Learn how to use a circular knitting machine to loom knit yourself a new Messenger Purse by watching this loom kit tutorial by Diana Levine. I know some say that using a machine is not a true loom knit just like some say using looms are not really knitting but I’ll let you decide that.

The circular knitting machine makes knitting faster and saves some wear and tear on the hands for those that have problems with using knitting needles and looms.

What You Will Learn About Loom Knitting Using A Circular Knitting Machine

As stated before the video is a tutorial teaching you  how to use the increasing popular knitting machine to knit stylish messenger bags. In this knitting machine tutorial Diana Levine will show you how to knit a small messenger bag style bag, using a 46 or 48 needle circular knitting machine (Addi Express Kingsize or 48 needle Sentro knitting machine) and a 22 needle Addi or Sentro knitting machine.

If you have not ever used a knitting machine this video is a good place to get your feet wet or should I say your hands. Watching the video Diana states that you will learn:

  • how to cast on and off a knitting machine using scrap yarn
  • how to seam the open sides of knitting machine tubes
  • how to assemble a knit bag
  • how to use the mattress stitch to seam the sides together.

The video is a complete beginng to end project video which means she holds your hand from providing you with a list of needed materials to taking you through the seven steps you will follow to knit your purse.

The steps she takes you through are:

Step 1: Knitting the Main Piece

 Step 2: Knitting the Handle

 Step 3: Seaming the Ends  

Step 4: Assembling the Bag  

Step 5: Joining Work with Stitch Markers

Step 6: Seaming with the Mattress Stitch  

Step 7: Weaving in the Ends

 And last how to add the final touches to your new bag.

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Get started on your new messenger bag.

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