How To Loom Knit Summer Shorts

The loom knitting creativity Tuteate displays in loom knitting a pair of loom knitted shorts continues to amaze me. In this amazing loom knitting video Tuteate uses wonderful creative loom knitting skills  to share with the loom knitting community another great and timely loom knitting pattern. With the summer temperature rising, a pair of shorts are the perfect loom knitting project for loom knitters not ready put the loom up for the summer months.

In the usual Tuteate tutorial style the video is choked full of fantastic close-ups of the loom knitting being done from start to finish. You are taken step by step beginning with the supplies you need to complete your loom knitted shorts to the sewing together of each section you knitted to make the shorts. This loom knitting tutorial is so detailed that you are shown how to make the slip knot you begin your loom knitted shorts project with. As you see even a new person just beginning to learn to loom knit with very minimal loom knitting experience can follow this loom knitting pattern. The one thing this loom knitting video lacks is verbal instructions but the on-screen knitting instructions should be sufficient for most loom knitters.

As I said earlier this tutorial is very detailed listed below is what you will learn:
– How to cast on stitches on the loom
– How to work wrap&knits (e-wrap stitch)
– How to work purls
– How to work in flat panel
– How to work the bands to hold the belt
– How to work the legs division
– How to bind off

Loom knit this project and I am sure you will impress your friends. Tuteate would love to see your finished project so if you want to show off your work, leave a note of thanks, or have a question talk to Tuteate at

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