Loom Knit An Easy Easter Basket

Learn how to loom knit an Easter basket in this loom knitting video posted by American Knitter. This is a video for both the beginner loom knitter and more advanced loom knitter. It is so well shot and commented that almost anyone that can follow instructions even a little-bit will be able to create a fantastic gift for Easter. With a little imagination you can use this pattern for many occasions.

The video gives you great tips and else everything you need to be successful except for the yarn, the loom, and the other usual tools used when loom knitting. The pattern is made available at the American Knitter website along with a list of what you will need and printed instructions to accompany the loom knitting video tutorial. The Pattern Link. I have included the list below.

You’ll Need: – Pink Yarn- White Yarn- 31 Peg Loom- Spool Loom- Pick Tool- Yarn Needle- Scissors

Get your round loom out and create this great project.

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