Loom Knit A Poncho

You can learn how to loom knit a girls poncho using this loom knitting video tutorial by Ruby Stedman. This is a loom knitting project you can complete in a day. Just like the other 200 plus videos Ruby has posted to YouTube you get a professional and very detailed loom knitting lesson. You are taken from beginning to end step by step with great visuals as well as verbal instructions. In this tutorial you are shown all the knitting tools you will need to complete the project as well as the type and brand of knitting yarn used in the project. In the tutorial Ruby is using a square loom. If you don’t have a square loom you can find square loom on EBay or you can make your own using Ruby’s video included in this post.

Watch the video to learn how to create a useful loom knitting project that can be completed in a day.

The video to show you how to make your own square loom.

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