Loom Knit A Cowl Using A Honey Comb Like Stitch

Learn how to loom knit a Cowl/Scarf using a stitch very similar to the honey comb stitch using this loom knitting tutorial by Tuteate. In this loom knitting video Tuteate teaches you how to:

– How to cast on stitches on a rectangular loom or long loom
– How to knit a kind of honeycomb stitch with a rectangular loom or long loom
– How to bind off on a rectangular loom or long loom
– How to add wooden buttons to the knitting

The stitch you learn in this video is good because like the Honey Comb Stitch  the thickness the stitch creates is a great stitch to use  when knitting a scarf , baby blanket, or even a beanie. As you watch the video you will find  that the knitting in the video is close to loom knitting the honey comb stitch which is the garter stitch with a variation in the purl stitch row of the garter stitch. Even If you are a beginner and not familiar with the purl stitch and the e-wrap you find that Tuteate makes learning to do this stitch easy .

Just like all the other loom knitting videos put together by Tuteate this loom knitting video is well shot with fantastic close-ups and very good on-screen descriptions of the loom knitting being done. It is short and to the point but full of good instruction taking you from the cast on to adding your buttons to complete your scarf/cowl. Watch the video and learn a new stitch.

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