Loom Knit A Hat In A Bicolor Brioche Stitch

Tuteate has made it super easy for anyone to learn to knit a hat using a bicolor brioche stitch with this loom knitting video. In this loom knitting tutorial Tuteate teaches you how to do the following using your 36 peg round loom:

– How to cast on
– How to knit
– How to purl
– How to work the brioche stitch in 1 color
– How to work the brioche stitch in 2 colors
– How to work the top of the hat

The real loom knitting lesson for the seasoned loom knitters will begin at the point of working the brioche stitch in 1 and 2 colors being that the cast on, knitting, and purl has been used in many previous  loom knitting projects. For the new or beginner loom knitter you will find learning to knit anything from Tuteate loom knitting videos is a breeze.

In this and all of the knitting videos by Tuteate you are taken step by step from the beginning of your hat project to the end of your loom knitted hat project. The video is so detailed that you are shown a list of all the knitting supplies you will need to complete your knitted hat. You are even given the length of yarn you will need to complete your hat which is often left out in many how to loom knit videos. Each step along the way is accompanied by well-lit and close up shots of the work being done backed up by fantastic on-screen instructions. You are made to feel as if you are being taught how to loom knit by a caring grandmother or mother the way she takes her time making each step clear and easy to follow.

Watch, learn and follow this video and I am sure you will become a big fan of the Tuteate loom knitting videos if you are not already a fan. You end up with a beautiful loom knitted multi-color brioche hat you will be excited to show everyone.


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