A Garter Stitch Loom Knitting Shortcut

Learn how to loom knit the garter stitch faster with this loom knitting shortcut shared by Joanna of the loom knitting channel Loom knitting with Joanna.

The garter stitch is a useful stitch that is used in loom knitting projects from loom knitted hats to loom knitted scarfs. So I just thought this would be a useful loom knitting video to include for the loom knitters beginning a project using the garter stitch. This short loom knitting tutorial teaches you how to cut your time in half doing the garter stitch by working both ewrap and purl stitches at the same time.

If you too find this loom knitting stitch a time saver give Joanna a shout out at her YouTube channel Loom Knitting With Joanna.

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