How To Easily Loom knit A Seed Stitch Headband

Learn to loom knit this good-looking seed stitch headband in this new loom knitting tutorial by Tuteate. This is one of my favorite loom knitting professionals Loom Knit A Seed Stitch Headbandto follow because of how easy their loom knitting videos are to follow along with. With a Tuteate tutorial you know you are going to get a well put together loom knitting lesson that is just as easy to learn from for someone new to loom knitting as it is for an experienced loom knitter.

There are four basic things you will learn in this video:

– How to cast on stitches the loom using the “chain cast on” (without a crochet hook)
– How to work rounds of purls and rounds of knits
– How to alternate knit stitch and purl stitch
– How to bind off stitches on the loom

Just as all the other loom knitting videos by Tuteate this video too has all you need to learn how to complete the loom knitting headband project from beginning to end. It begins the loom knitting lesson by showing you all the items you will need to complete your seed stitch headband and moves right into the loom knitting by showing you how to cast on using the chain method beginning with the slip knot. This is what I call a true step by step loom knitting tutorial. After the cast on is completed you are ready to get started with the true loom knitting where you are shown  how to begin the loom knitting using the purl stitch. As the tutorial progresses you are taken through each step methodically just like this section of the loom knitting lesson until the seed stitch headband is completed.

You quickly see why the loom knitting videos by Tuteate are so popular. They all are well produced giving the loom knitter perfect close-ups of the loom knitting being done. Another one of the good features are the on-screen instructions that let you pause the video while you do the knitting without having to constantly back the video up to see what the instruction given was. I guess the best feature is that the loom knitting patterns are always easy to follow and are free. The one thing some loom knitters may miss are verbal directions but the video is so well done you can easily get by without verbal instructions.

Watch and learn, and if you are not already a Tuteate fan I am sure you will become one.

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