How To Loom Knit An Easy Dog Sweater

The Tuteate group teaches you how to loom knit a sweater for your dog in this loom knitting video. This is another great loom knitting tutorial that is as easy for a beginner loom knitter to follow as an experienced loom knitter. The video takes a loom knitter step by step from beginning to end.

This loom tutorial teaches you how to cast-on, e-wrap knit and purl, and how to work in a flat panel. It gives you all the tools and supplies you need to begin and takes you to the last step needed to complete your dog sweater. There are no verbal instructions with the Tuteate loom knitting videos but the on-screen instructions are very clear and easy to follow along with. The loom knitting steps that are used to loom knit your dog sweater are shown in professionally shot close-ups that are backed up by the on-screen instructions. The steps are done in a patient and deliberate manner which makes it easy for you to follow along as well as making you feel relaxed as you knit. If you are looking for a useful and easy to make gift for your dog this loom knitting video is for you.

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