Stop Your Loom Knitting Borders From Curling

This loom knitting video was made by YouTuber Looming Krafty to teach loom knitting beginners how to keep the borders on their loom knitting projects from curling.

The first thing to say about this video is that it is not a project video. This loom knitting video is designed to show you how to uses different or combine loom knitting stitches to keep the borders on the project you are working on from curling. So long story short it is meant to supplement your loom knitting project video.

The video itself is very informative and easy to follow along with. You will find good verbal instructions a close-ups of the loom knitting being done. You will also get an explanation of why your border curls and several different stitches a beginner loom knitter or even a seasoned loom knitter can use to stop the curling.

Watch the video to lean how to keep the edges from curling on your loom knitted blanket, scarf, or other loom knitting project that uses the e-wrap.

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