Loom Knit The Figure 8 Stitch Using A Round Loom

Learning how to use your round loom to knit the figure 8 stitch just got easier. The video posted on YouTube under the name lorioki does a fantastic job of showing knitters her interpretation of using the round loom to knit the figure 8. Her inspiration for the hat she demonstrates how to knit comes from a Grace Campbell designed the Fish Net Figure 8 Hat.

The video picks up from the point after Lori’s crochet cast on and a couple of rows of e-wrap purl so if you are new to loom knitting and don’t know how to cast on you may want to check out a few of the videos showing you how to cast on.  The tutorial is not a step by step tutorial of how to knit a hat but rather focused on how to loom knit the figure 8 on the round loom. Lori does give the basics of the pattern she uses to complete her project along with tips of where to go to find more information on the bind off.

It is a great video to learn the figure 8 stitch. It not a major video production but it tops in loom knitting instruction. It is well explained with good close-ups and very easy to understand and that is what you really need in a good tutorial.

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