Loom Knit The Fashion Stitch

The Fashion Stitch also known as the flat rib stitch, or flat ribbing stitch in traditional knitting can be easily accomplished in loom knitting. Heather Schulte shows you just how easy it is to loom knit the fashion stitch on the long loom in her latest YouTube post. This stitch is good to use when loom knitting a blanket, afghan or scarf because of the thick knit that it creates. In the loom knitting tutorial she is actually knitting a blanket using the  blanket pattern found at http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-loom-knit-a-baby-blanket.

Like the other video tutorials done by Heather this one is also well shot giving the knitting student good close-ups to what she is doing along with good verbal instructions. One drawback is the video begins after she is well on her way to completing the loom knitted blanket. This is ok for experienced loom knitters but new loom knitters may need to watch some of the casting on videos. She does recognize this and provides the comment that , “You can cast on by simply wrapping as shown in the video, or you can cast on by doing the 8 wrap” . She recommends using the 8 wrap because of the tighter edge it creates. This loom knitting video tutorial packs a lot of good information in 2.07 minuets. Take a look at the video and add a new stitch to your loom knitting talents.


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