Magic Twist Stitch an Easy and Quick Loom Knit Stitch for Beginners

How to loom knit the Deborah Shaw Magic Twist – an easy stitch for beginners.
The Crochet cast-on – How to stop the edges from curling
How to Bind Off

The super easy Magic Twist Stitch loom knit stitch by Deborah Shaw is a fantastic stitch for loom knitting beginners to learn. The stitch is a good loom knit stitch to use when knitting projects like shawls, scarves, and blankets. If you are knitting in the round and your project is a hat or a cowl the magic twist will give you a finished product you will be proud to show off. 

Fast and Easy Loom knit stitch

An added benefit to learning the magic twist stitch is that it speeds up your knitting. It does this because each stitch you make while using this stitch pattern involves doing three e-wrap stitches on every peg.

No Curl Stitch

Another bonus to using this stitch as that you end up with a nice textured look that looks good on either side you want as your main side. In addition to the previously mentioned reasons to learn this loom knit stitch is that the cast on used (the Owl Eye stitch) eliminates the the curl you get with some stitches and you don’t have to do any purling in the cast on. Deborah Shaw’s loom knitting tutorial on how to do her owl stitch for the bind on is the second above. The third video shows how the bind off.

Watch the videos  and if you also find this loom knitting video is a fantastic tutorial be sure to let Deborah know by giving her a thank you over on her Youtube channel.


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