Loom Knitting A Flower

Adding a knitted flower to your loom knitting projects really makes the loom project stand out. As I said before I am not an expert yet and I am always looking for videos and articles that will teach me something new to help me improve my loom knitting skills. I am just a beginner but I still expect my projects to look creative and like it was done by an very experienced knitter. Well the video I am posting today taught me how to make flowers on the circular loom included in the kits I purchased from Walmart and Amazon.  I add the flowers to some of my hats to give them that extra touch.

I watched several videos on how to make flowers on a circle loom. All the videos gave the same basic information but I found this one to be the easiest one to follow and the most relaxing so this is the first flower making video I’ll post. When I find others with good lessons I’ll post a couple of them also.  I hope you find this one as helpful as I did.  Watch the video if you have not yet learned how to make flowers on a loom. Add the flowers you make to your loom knitting project and I think you too will be pleased with the result.

I am also including a link to the looms at Walmart and Amazon just in case you don’t have the smaller looms yet.

TO get the looms at Walmart click here Darice Easy Knitting Round-Loom Set, Neon

Get The Looms From Amazon Here

Now the video.

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