Loom Knit With Color Changing (Self Striping) Yarn

Learn a new way to loom knit a colorful and unique hat without having to change your yarn in this loom knitting video made by Looming With Lisa.

I have loom knitted several hats where I had to use multiple colors of yarn to get unique color patterns on my hats. I know most loom knitters also like to get creative and use multiple colors in their loom knitting projects so when I discovered this loom knitting video using a self striping yarn or as I call it color changing yarn I thought this would be a good loom knitting video to share with other loom knitters  who want a really easy way to get a beautiful and unique looking hat without going through the process of actually changing the yarn being used to get the color change on your loom knitted my hat.

This is not a loom knitting project video but rather a video showing you how to use two strands of yarn to achieve the unique color designs in your loom knitting project. If you are looking for  a loom knitting tutorial on how to actually loom knit a hat you can check out this video for loom knitting beginners by Denise of LoomaHat.com  I have included in the LoomKnittingVideos.com Here is the link to How to Loom Knit A Hat.


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