Loom Knit A Bath Mat – The Tuteate Way

If you are looking for an easy and useful loom knit project learning to loom knit a bath mat is for you.

In this video tutorial Tuteate takes you step by step through process of using your 41-peg XL gauge round loom and some bulky yarn to loom knit a soft and comfy bath mat. In case you are wondering yes you can use either cotton yarn or an acrylic yarn. It just depends on the feel you prefer. 

There are 4 basic rows you will use to knit your bath mat and Tuteate will demonstrate how to loom knit each row using e-wrap stitches and Purl stitches. One trick you will learn in this tutorial while knitting your rows that will be useful in other projects is how to create what Tuteate calls “special loops”. A creative mind will find a use for the “special loops” in more projects.

A basic overview of the How To Loom Knit A Bath Mat tutorial is:

  • The supply list and tools
  • The cast on
  • Demonstrating how to loom knit each row
  • Binding off
  • How to weave in the loose ends 

By the way if you need to get the pattern to follow along with the video you can get that on ETSY: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1197836305/

Now it is just time choose your yarn colors to match your bath decor and  start loom knitting your new bath mat.


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