Knitting With The Addi Express Knitting Machine

I don’t know if you can really call it loom knitting in the traditional sense but loom knitters now have a new way to knit their favorite projects. In this loom knitting video Mikeyssmail (Michael Sellick) he takes you through a basic tutorial on how to use the new knitting machine. In the loom knitting tutorial Michael takes you from the first step of casting on to changing colors then finally to the finish of casting off to complete your knitting project. He gives you a few tips along the way.  The video like all the loom knitting video tutorials posted on Youtube under mikeyssmail it is well shot and very instructional.

I do not have the Addi Express yet so I can not give you my take on the machine. The jury is still out on how soon I might purchase one but it does look interesting and may help me get more hats knitted when I start knitting my hats for the homeless this fall. I did a search on both and on Amazon to check availability and found that Walmart is not carrying it yet but Amazon is showing that it still has 5 available if it something you might want to take a look at. I am including a link (affiliate) for anyone that may want to learn more about it or purchase one. I have also included the video review in which Michael posted on Youtube. He was very impressed with the machine so you know it is at least worth taking a look at.

You  can learn more about the machine or buy one by following the link below.

Addi Express Knitting Machine


Mikeys review of the Addi Expess Knitting machine.

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