Loom Knit The Basket Weave Or Block Stitch Pattern

If you are looking for a video to learn how to use your loom to knit the block stitch pattern or as some call it the basket weave this video loom knitting tutorial uploaded to youtube under the name heatherschulte is just what you are looking for. The block stitch gets its name from the appearance of having a checkerboard look obtained by having squares or repeating blocks.

In the video you are shown how to get this look by alternating between the purl and the knit as you make your rows. The loom knitting tutorial is also good about giving you the on-screen patterns as the knitting is done in the video. As I have said before this is one of the best things you find in the series of loom knitting tutorials you find upload to youtube by Heather. The on-screen instructions or patterns give you a visual of what you are doing and keeps you from constantly having to rewind the video to catch what is being done. As with the other loom knitting videos that are found under the upload name of heatherschulte it is another well done video from beginning to end and one that is easy to follow and learn from. Check out this video and visit her youtube channel for easy to follow loom knitting tutorials.

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