Loom Knit A Mini Bag Keychain Purse

Denise Canela of LoomaHat.com has done it again. She has graced the loom knitting community with another creative, useful, and easy to do loom knitting project that is perfect for any time of the year. In her latest loom knitting video she shows loom knitters how to use any loom you have be it a round, long, square, or oval to loom knit mini bag key chain purses. I like them so much I plan to loom knit a few and give them away as gifts.

In true LoomaHat style Denise takes you from beginning to end in so much detail that a person new to loom knitting can watch the video and not have a problem following along with her video and successfully completing the project. Just like in her other loom knitting tutorials you are going to get very clear and easy to understand verbal instructions that are demonstrated in close-up visuals of the loom knitting that is being done. Another thing I like about her videos is that she includes on-screen instructions in a written form. This allows you to take a few pattern notes along the way. If you prefer a downloadable version of the pattern you can get one at her ETSY shop by following this  link The Mini Bag Pattern on ETSY. Denise also notes that by adding rows to your project you can make the mini purse large or long enough to carry things like lipstick or many other items you may want to carry.

One thing you do have to leave the video and go to her LoomaHat.com website to get her complete supply list. You can find a version of the supply list if you watch the video on YouTube. Almost all the supplies she uses for this project can be found on Amazon.com which you can also find on her YouTube page her affiliate links to Amazon to purchase the supplies if you want to show her some support for taking the time to make and share this loom knitting video. Affiliate links are links that if clicked will provide the person with a commission for bringing a shopper to the site. To comply with FTC rules and to be transparent I need to let you know that some links in loomknittingvideos.com are affiliate links.

Watch the complete video before you start then get started loom knitting your Mini Bag Keychain Purse Keyring.

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