Loom Knit A Messy Bun With An Elastic Hair Band

Tuteate teaches you how to loom knit a better Messy Bun Hat in this loom knitting video. In this video tutorial Tuteate shows you how to enhance your loom knitted hat by adding an elastic head band to your loom knitted hat to create a comfortable messy bun hat that keeps your head warm and your hair in place.

This loom knitting tutorial follows the standard Tuteate format of on-screen instructions accompanied by good closeups of the loom knitting being done to teach you the following things:

  •  How to cast on stitches on the loom
  •  How to work purl stitches, e-wrap knit stitches and flat knit stitches on the loom
  •  How to work a special figure 8 stitch
  •  How to attach an elastic headband and bind off

Although this loom knitting video is easy to follow along with and the on-screen instructions should give you all the instruction you need to complete this project Tuteate makes the  downloadable written pattern is available here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/659130605/ for those who like to have a written pattern as backup.

This loom knitting project is right on time with cold weather fast approaching in some areas and in full swing in others. Get started today on your messy bun hat.

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