Loom Knit A Clutch Purse

Learn to loom knit a great looking clutch purse in this loom knitting video made by the YouTuber Valena DIY.

In this loom knitting tutorial Valena will teach you how to use your round loom to knit a stylish clutch purse that looks like one you would purchase in a fashion boutique. The finished purse will be large enough to carry your essentials such as your wallet, keys, and that one item you can’t leave the house without your phone. You will still have room for a few other things in the purse that measures 17 cm high x 24.5 cm wide when closed.

The materials you will need to loom knit this purse are a loom with at least 24 pegs, the hook that usually comes with a loom knitting kit, 64 meters of ribbon yarn, 1 meter of chain (by the way a meter is equal to a little over 3 feet) , 2 snap hooks, 1 tuck lock, a 35 by 25 cm of fabric, and a needle and some thread. You will also need a tape measure, scissors and a yarn needle.

After you gather all your materials you will be ready to get started on your purse. Valena will guide you step by step beginning with the cable cast-on. To the last step of adding your chain handle to the purse. For those not accustomed to the cable cast-on don’t worry Valena takes the time to show you how to do it. One good thing she does in her loom knitting videos is to slow the video down to be sure you get a good look at how to complete stitches you may not be familiar with. Stitches you will see that you will know are the e-wrap, the purl stitch, and the Garter stitch. There are not any verbal instructions in this loom knitting tutorial but the on-screen instructions and close-up and slowed down visuals makes up for the lack of verbal instructions. If you find that you need more help Valena makes herself available for questions on social media at INSTAGRAM:@Valena_DIY and on FACEBOOK at Valena DIY.

Watch the entire video the get started loom knitting your new clutch purse. Let Velena know you appreciate the time she put into making this easy to follow loom knitting video by visiting her on INSTAGRAM:@Valena_DIY or on FACEBOOK at Valena DIY.

On other thing for those not familiar with metric measurements here a link to a converter



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