How To Loom Knit A Child’s Skirt

In this Loom Knitting Video YouTuber Lucy Loom teaches you how to use your round loom to loom knit a child’s skirt.

Lucy made the video a step by step tutorial that will take the loom knitter from beginning to end in detailed steps that will make it easy for anyone with minimal loom knitting skills to complete this project. You won’t get verbal instructions but the step by step on-screen instructions provided along with the good visuals will make it easy to follow along with the video. It will remind you of a Tuteate style video.  The main stitches she uses in the video to loom knit the skirt are the e-wrap and the purl stitch.

The skirt basically consists of several knitted flat panels sewn together to make the skirt. She shows you how to use you cord loom to knit the belt that is added to the skirt. overall it is a very simple and easy to make loom knitting pattern.

Watch the video in full then get started loom knitting a skirt for your child grand child or the child of a friend.

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