Loom Knit A Handbag – An Easy Pattern For Beginners or Pros

This simple loom knitted handbag pattern is a loom knitting pattern and video beginner loom knitters and those experienced in loom knitting can follow  along with easily. The video was made by and shared on YouTube by Sarah Wolfe of ReviewsbySarah.com. In this loom knitting video Sarah will teach you use your 25 peg circular loom, some super bulky weight yarn, a yarn needle, and a button to loom knit this one piece handbag or purse. She also suggests using some craft felt as a lining if you would like a lining in your purse.

This is the first loom knitting video I have seen and followed by Sarah and I am very impressed at the quality of this loom knitting tutorial and the obvious work that went into creating a video that is easy enough for anyone to follow along with and create a purse that can be used year round. The video takes you from the first step of rounding up your supplies to the last step of adding the handles and closing up the sides with great close-ups and explanations of the loom knitting being done. All along the way Sarah is providing you with precise and patiently spoken verbal instructions.  Anyone familiar with the loom knitting videos I share on this site knows that I am a huge fan of videos that include on-screen instructions and this loom knitting tutorial includes them. One thing Sarah does in this video that I don’t think I have seen in others is she takes the time to show you what an incorrect wrap looks like and explains what the result of the incorrect wrap would be.

If you are just beginning to learn how to loom knit I highly recommend you use this loom knitting video and pattern to sharpen your loom knitting skills. You will learn a few things about loom knitting and at the same time create something you will be proud to say I made this to anyone.

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