Loom Knitted Chinese Wave Stitch by Denise Canela

Loom knitters are treated to a loom knitting tutorial of how to loom knit the wonderful looking stitch called the Chinese Wave stitch in the loom knitting video by Dinese Canela of LoomaHat.com. The fans of Denise know that any time they see a loom knitting video done by Denise they are going to get a loom knitting tutorial that few can deliver in the quality of the instruction you get and visuals that make the instructions easy to understand. The outsanding instruction is matched with both verbal and on-screen instruction. All of this provides both experienced and begining loom knitters with a relaxed learnig experience that keeps loom knitting fun. In this video Denise explains in detail how to Knit, Purl and Slip 1 wyif to loom knit the Chinese Wave Stitch. If you have questions you or wolud like to see her complete supply list for this loom knitting project check out her page for this at http://www.loomahat.com/Chinese-waves-hat/ I am sure that if you watch this loom knitting tutorial and follow along after watching the entire video once you will be proud of the hat you will have loom knitted. The beauty of the stitch may it look complicated but Denise makes it easy to understand and easy to loom knit. Try it and see if you don\’t agree then let her know how much you appreciate the time she took to give loom knitters another stitch skill to add to their loom knitting tool box by visiting her loom knitting website LoomaHat.com.
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