Beginners Loom Knitted Hat By Sarah Wolfe

Loom knitting beginners looking to learn how to loom knit a hat should watch this loom knitting video made by Sarah Wolfe of the YouTube channel Reviews By Sarah. 

This video was made in a fashion that a beginner could pick up a loom and on day one be successful at creating a loom knitted hat that will have the look of a seasoned loom knitter.  Sarah doesn\’t assume the knitter knows anything about loom knitting. She begins her loom knitting tutorial showing you the supplies she uses. She then moves on to demonstrating how to set your loom up to begin loom knitting.

After she gets you set up she takes you step by step through the loom knitting process showing you in detailed visuals and good descriptive verbal instructions how to do each of the stitches you will use to knit your hat. One tip she includes in this video is what to do if you run short on your yarn and need to add more. She doesn\’t say this in the video but you can also change colors using the method she shows you if you want to use multiple colors in your hat.

Sarah caps off this loom knitting tutorial by showing you how to close your hat up and even teaches you how to make a pom pom  to add an extra special touch to your hat. 

If you like this loom knitting tutorial be sure to visit her YouTube channel and website to let her know you appreciate her sharing her teaching skills with the loom knitting community.

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