Learn to Loom Knit the Easy ZigZag Slouchy Beanie Hat

There a plenty of loom knitting videos teaching you how to use your loom to knit hats. I am adding this loom knitting video to LoomKnittingVideos.com because of how easy it is for a beginner to follow along with the video to complete a beanie that gives the loom knitter a good looking hat with the unique design of the zigzag. 

The video is a product of Tuteate,  one of best loom knitting tutorial makers you will find on the web. The Tuteate loom knitting videos are all well made. You will get excellent close-ups of the knitting being done each step of the way backed up with detailed but easy to follow on-screen instructions.  The only thing you might miss in the Tuteate videos is verbal instructions. The verbal instructions are replaced with a musical background.

In this video what you will learn is how to use your 41 peg loom. You will also learn the following:

  • How to cast on stitches on the loom – How to make the brim of the hat directly on the loom (no sewing)
  • How to knit and purl
  • How to work an easy zigzag pattern and how to work an easy spiral pattern
  • How to close the hat  

Don’t worry if you don’t have a 41 peg loom. Tuteate explains that you can use a 36 peg loom and adjust the pattern by work repeating “Knit 3 – Purl 2” for 10 rounds in one direction and “Purl 2 – Knit 3” for 10 rounds in the opposite direction

On a 40-peg loom (or looms with a number of pegs multiple of 3 + 1) work repeating “E-wrap Knit 1, Purl 2” for 6 rounds in one direction and then “Purl 2, EWK 1” for 6 rounds to the opposite direction.

On a 48 peg loom do , 4 knits and 3 purls and it should come out perfect.

Should you need more instructions you can find the PDF version of the pattern on ETSY following this link 


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