Loom Knit A Beanie Hat Using The Crochetless Purl In 8 Stitch


Denise of Loomahat.com has graced the loom knitting world with another easy to loom knit hat pattern. In this loom knitting video she gives us another one of her easy to follow loom knitting tutorials on how to use a loom to knit a hat or beanie using the purl in eight stitch. 

In her usual style of patient teaching Denise takes viewers from the cast on to the finished project in easily digestible steps that include some of the best close-ups of the knitting being done that you will find in loom knitting tutorials. In addition to the great camera work she gives you patient verbal instructions that are backed up with on-screen written instructions.

She begins the loom knitting video by listing the supplies you will need which includes 90 yards of bulky yarn, a 41 peg loom, a hook, needle, and scissors. You notice she also uses stitch markers so it will be good to have some handy to help you keep track of your stitches.

After you get your supplies together she will get you started on your knitting. From here all you have to do is just follow along with her step by step loom knitting instructions which you will see are just as easy for a beginner to follow as it is for a more experienced loom knitter.

Denise makes it easy for a beginning loom knitter to create a loom knitting project that she or he will be proud to say, \”I made this\”,  

Stop by Loomahat.com to let her know how much you appreciate her taking the time to share her talent with the loom knitting crowd. There you will also find out how helpful she is to those needing a little extra help in addition to some more loom knitting tutorials and patterns.

Get started today on your new loom knitted hat.

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