Loom Knit The Easy Non Curling Curvy Wave Stitch

Learn to loom knit the easy non curling Curvy Wave Stitch in this loom knitting video by Deborah Shaw.

First let me say that this is not a project video that takes you from beginning to end to make a completed loom knitted hat,  loom knitted blanket, loom knitted scarf, or any other loom knitting project you may want to do. What it does do is teach you a good looking and very easy to learn stitch you can use on any of the mentioned projects to keep your project\’s edges from curling. It can be used in place of the garter stitch in most any loom knitting project.

The pattern for the stitch combines two very basic and easy to do stitches. The first is the owl eye stitch and the second stitch used is the common purl stitch. Deborah demonstrates both for those that are newer to loom knitting. The basic method is to use the owl eye one way the reverse it and purl back the opposite direction. 

It is an easy stitch that solves the problem you get with some of the other loom knitting stitches.

Be sure to thank Deborah for this solution to curled edges by checking out and or subscribing to her YouTube channel simply titled Deborah Shaw. 


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