Ten Loom Knit Stitches Loom Knitters Should Learn.

The videos in this post are some of the best loom knit tutorials on the web teaching the ten loom knit stitches every beginning loom knitter should learn. These are must watch loom knitting tutorials for anyone new to loom knitting.

These are the ten stitches and techniques the videos teach and the producer of the loom knit tutorial:

  • The four versions of the knit stitch by Nicole F. Cox (E-Wrap, U-Wrap, Flat stitch, regular.
  • The loom knit Purl Stitch – Virginia Galligan
  • The loom knit Rib Stitch and the Garter Stitch – Dutch Loom Knitter
  • The Yarn Over technique and Knit 2 together technique -Nicole F. Cox
  • Purl 2 together – Goodknitkisses

Each video presented here provides the beginning loom knitter a detailed demonstration of an essential stitch. Each video chosen to demonstrate a stitch are well filmed with fantastic close-ups and very good instructions designed for the beginner. Some of the stitches are very easy to learn and a few you will have take a little more time and patient to learn. That said if you do learn them your loom knitting experience will be so much more rewarding and pleasant.

After learning how to knit the stitches on your loom take a minute to go over to visit the producers web page or YouTube channel to thank them for taking the time to share with beginners the opportunity needed to learn some of the most important loom knit stitches. 

Learning these stitches and techniques provided freely from some of the best in the loom knitting community will get your loom knitting experience off to a great start. 


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