Loom Knit The Ridge Stitch

I was looking for new loom knitting tutorials to review, learn from, and  share on Loom Knitting Videos and ran across this video on how to knit the Ridge Stitch on a round loom. It is another Heather Schulte video uploaded to you tube under the name heatherschulte. It’s not the first video tutorial of how to knit the ridge stitch but it is one of the best and I really like her style of loom knitting tutorials so I thought it needed to be included in the site.

In the video she is demonstrating how to knit a flat panel on a round loom using a ridge stitch. The ridge stitch is accomplished by using a combination purl and knit stitches. In her usual style of teaching loom knitting stitches she give you on-screen instructions of when to use the knit stitch and when to use the purl stitch. There is an abundance of on-screen instructions along the way which makes the video easy to learn from. You also get  the good close-ups and a good steady focus. Your taken to the end of the project so you get the bonus of watching Heather do a Flat Bind Off  or as some in the loom knitting world call it a Flat Cast Off.

Check out the video and I’m sure if you are not already a fan of Heather Schulte’s loom knitting videos you soon will be.

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