How To Loom Knit A Hooded Cowl

In this loom knitting video made by Tuteate you will learn how to use your large loom (a loom with more than 33 pegs) and the crossed stockinette stitch to loom knit a hooded cowl which will really come in handy with cooler weather just around the corner. If you visit often the you know that Tuteate is one of the favorite loom knitting video teachers we like to share with loom knitters.

Tuteate is a favorite because of how easy it is for both the loom knitting beginner and those that have many loom knitting projects under their belt to follow along with and learn loom knitting skills or put to use the knitting skills you have already learned from other loom knitting video tutorials . With a Tuteate loom knitting tutorial you will get a knitting lesson that takes you from the tools and supplies you will need to start your project to the very last step you will have to do to complete your loom knitted project that will look as good or better than something you would buy in a store.

You will get step by step on-screen instructions backed up with detailed close-ups of the loom knitting being done.

The following is what you will learn from the step-by- step instructions in this Tuteate loom knitting video tutorial:

– How to cast on stitches on the loom
– How to flat knit on a circular loom
– How to decrease and bind off stitches
– How to join parts using the loom (without sewing)
– How to close the hood

Get ready for the cooler weather on the way by using your loom to knit this hooded cowl you will be proud to wear any where.


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