12 Great Loom Knit A Hat Video Tutorials

Here is the first of the easy to learn from loom knit a hat videos to get you started. Check out 12 more outstanding how to loom knit a hat videos below including the bonus video in which Denise Canela of LoomaHat.com teaches you how to loom knit a Santa Hat.

Starter Loom Knit A Hat Video 

Tuteate’s Loom Knit An Easy Hat For Beginners

Loom Knit A Hat For Beginners


How to loom knit a hat is probably one of the first projects most loom knitters to do because of how easy it is to complete a hat you will be proud to say I made this. In this post you will find 12 of the best how to loom knit a hat video tutorials found on the web. There are hundreds of good videos you can learn to loom knit from on the web, these 12 just really stand out because of what is offered in the tutorial.

The listed tutorials were chosen because the instructors are easy to follow along with and understand. The instructors take you step by step offering beginning to end instructions that are backed up with good visuals of the knitting being done.  If verbal instructions are not included the on-screen instructions are so good that you will forget about not having verbal instructions.    

** The Bonus Loom Knitting Video**


How To Loom Knit A Santa Hat



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