The Best Loom Knitting Video Sites For Beginners

Loom knitting is hot and there are a lot of people wanting to learn how to loom knit.  Most buy their looms and head to the web to learn how to use the looms they purchased to knit their first loom knitted project. What they find are hundreds of people  posting loom knitting videos trying to give them the help they are looking for. Although intentions are good not everyone has the skill and ability to teach loom knitting. 

To help the beginning loom knitters find the some of the best sites to learn how loom knit from I have made a list of the YouTube channels that feature experienced loom knitters with the ability make it easy for those new to loom knitting to learn to use their new looms to make that first project.

What I found was that the videos that had most of the elements listed below are the easiest to learn from.  Here are the elements you will find in the  channels listed here:

  •  An experienced loom knitter
  • Sharp close-ups of the knitting being done
  • Well spoken and detailed verbal instructions to back up the visuals
  • On-screen instructions
  • Explanations of the terms being used
  • Supply lists
  • Tips, tricks, and tools to make loom knitting easy 
  • Step by step instructions that take you from the cast on to completion
  •  Explanations of the basic loom knit stitches 
  •  The authors respond to questions and comments

Here are the best loom knitting sites as a beginner I have found so far that make learning to loom knit easy. You will find many of the best videos included in the site. Included in the list you will find a link to the YouTube channel of the loom knitter. asThey are not in a particular order. As I find more I will add them. -This site is fabulous for those new to loom knitting. You will find most of the elements listed above with the exception of the verbal instructions. Instead of the verbal instructions you will get soothing background music makes your knitting relaxing. Sample Tuteate Video

American Knitter – American Knitter is a great place to find how to knit videos on both needle and round loom knitting. Here you will find step by step videos on how to loom knit everything from hats, socks, scarves, and many more loom knitting projects. Here you will also find free printable patterns. Sample American Knitter Video 

Reviews By Sarah – You may not find as many loom knitting specific videos here but the videos you do find fit the bill as fantastic videos for beginners. The videos are step by step and the projects are things you can use right away. Although she may be new to the loom knitting community Sarah has good teaching skills. Sample Video from Sarah

Valena DI Y – Valena’s loom knitting video channel is another great source for a beginner loom knitter to learn to loom knit some beautiful and useful projects. Most of these videos lack the verbal instructions but this is made up for in excellent quality of the visuals that take you step by step in a patient manner. You will be able to easily complete your project just following along with the close-up loom knitting visuals. Here is a Valena DIY sample video 

KB Looms – On the KB Looms site you will find plenty of videos for those that have purchased one of the looms sold by KB Looms. Although the videos are aimed toward the KB Loom user you will find lessons you can adapt to other brands of looms. If you want a faster loom knitting method you will also find videos on how to use their loom knitting machine. Here is a KB looms sample video.

Purling Sprite – Here you will find a very experienced loom knitting teacher with tutorials that will help you learn to loom knit. Here is how the loom knitting channel is described by Isela, the channels creator:

“The Loom Knit channel focuses on creating videos to help you on your loom knitting journey.

Loom knitting is a form of creating knit fabric using a different medium than knitting needles. Whenever possible, I will keep the same terminology as in needle knitting.

My loom knitting videos will focus on techniques, stitches, tips and projects.

Melanie Ham – The loom knitting sample video listed here is by Melanie Ham who takes those new to the art of loom knitting by the hand and takes them step by step in loom knitting a hat which is one of the easiest  projects for a loom knitting newbie. You can check out her loom knit a hat tutorial here. It really is an absolute beginner friendly toutorial as she states in the title of the video. 


I am sure there are more good loom knitting tutorial sites out there that fit different learning styles. 

If you know of a loom knitting site that should be included share it by leaving a comment describing it.  


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