How to Adapt Needle Knit Patterns to a Loom Knit Pattern

You probably have come across many needle knitting patterns you wish were made for loom knitting. Well in this loom knitting video made by Mumtazm you can learn how to convert knitting patterns made for needle knitting into a pattern you can use on your looms. I just discovered her videos and found them to be very detailed and through. You don’t get the video quality you find on some of the other loom knitting videos included in this site but I find that the information you get from the video makes it well worth including here. I admit that it will take a little patience but if you know just the minimum about loom knitting I am sure you will be able to convert some of the patterns you find on the internet to loom knitting patterns.

Watch the video and increase the number of patterns you have available to you to use with your looms.

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