Loom Knit The Wheat Lace Stitch

Denise Canela of LoomaHat,com makes loom knitting the the Wheat Lace Stitch easy in this step by step loom knitting tutorial. This is a good loom knitting video for beginners as well as experienced loom knitters because of the many different stitches Denise covers in this video. The stitches and techniques you will learn while learning to knit the wheat lace stitch are eWrap, Uwrap, yarn over, and knit 2 together.  As a bonus Denise also shows you how to loom knit the closed version of the Wheat Lace Stitch.

The way Denise teaches loom knitting using patiently spoken verbal instructions and sharp detailed close-ups of the loom knitting being done is what makes it just as easy for a beginner to learn to loom knit as a person with a few projects under their belt.

This is not a beginning to end loom knitting project video but rather a video tutorial that teaches you a good looking stitch you can use in a project.

Remember to watch the complete video to learn how to loom knit both versions of the Wheat Lace Stitch.

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