Loom Knitting Pattern Books

In this post you will find the top books for Loom Knitting Patterns. The books are great for loom knitters in addition to the knitting video tutorials you will find here at LoomKnittingVideos.com. Some of the books such as the books by Denise Canela  who is well known in the loom knitting community for her Loomahat.com loom knitting videos have video tutorials that back up the patterns in the book. You can find many of the video tutorials made by Denise included in the knitting tutorials on LoomKnittingVideos.com   


Here is the Amazon.com link to the books you see in the above picture of loom knitting books that include loom knit patterns. Loom Knitting Patterns


All of the books listed here come in a Kindle edition which you will find convenient and will usually save you some money. Don’t worry if you don’t own a Kindle because the Kindle reader is available in your favorite app store and will not cost you anything.  If you do want to buy a Kindle tablet here is an affiliate link to the Kindle Tablets on Amazon.

In no particular order here is the list loom knitting books with loom knit patterns I think are some of the best for Loom Knitters:


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