Loom Knitting The 4 Stitch Left Cross Cable

The featured loom knitting stitch for today is the 4 stitch left cross cable. I have found a couple of videos that demonstrate the cable stitch. The first video found that I think is worth taking the time to view is a www.LoomKnit.com video presented by Isela Phelps and uploaded by PurlingSprite. The in the video Isela makes slow and deliberate moves that the viewer has time to follow. She gives step by step comments throughout the video which along with the good close-ups helps the person following along understand  what is being done.

This loom knitting stitch is a stitch both beginners and experienced loom knitters can use in projects from knitting gloves to cup huggers or any number of projects a knitter can imagine.  Take a look at the video and see what ideas you get for the cross cable stitch.


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