How To Loom Knit The Honey Comb Stitch

Learn how to loom knit the honey comb stitch using this loom knitting tutorial by Amanda Pratt.

This first Honey Comb Stitch video by Amanda Pratt reviewed and posted has been removed but have no fear Tuteate and Merberee have shared loom knitting tutorials that are much easier to follow and will give you the same or better look and feel as the honeycomb stitch. You can check it out here

In this loom knitting video Amanda teaches you how to use your loom to do the Honey Comb Stitch  which because of the thickness the honey comb creates is a great stitch to use  when knitting a scarf , baby blanket, or even a beanie. As Amanda explains in the video the honey comb stitch is the garter stitch with a variation in the purl stitch row of the garter stitch. If you are a beginner and not familiar with the purl stitch and the ewrap you may want to check out a few of the videos demonstrating these stitches before watching this loom knitting tutorial. You do get a quick refresher in the video of the purl stitch  but not details of the purl stitch and e-wrap.

This loom knitting video is well shot with very good descriptions of the loom knitting being done. It is short and to the point but full of good instruction. It feels like you are being taught by a good friend. Watch the video and learn a new stitch.

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