How To Loom Knit A Messy Bun Hat

Learn to loom knit your own Messy Bun Hat by following along with this loom knitting tutorial by PurlingSprite. The Messy Bun hat is all the rage on Facebook and Pinterest   right now and PurlingSprite – Isela Phelps has the perfect video to teach you how to use the KB (Authentic Knitting Board Hat Loom) looms to join the Messy Bun Hat fashion trend.

If you have watched very many loom knitting videos then you are very familiar with Isela Phelps. You know that you are going to get a loom knitting tutorial that will make it very easy for almost anyone with just a little loom knitting experience to follow along and create an amazing looking loom knitted project. The video will take you from beginning to end including listing the supplies and tools you will need to complete your project and the last stitch to complete your project.  The videos are well documented with good on-screen instructions as well as excellent verbal instructions. You also get a link to a free written loom knitting pattern you can copy and print from the screen for those who prefer the written version to go along with the on-screen loom knitting hat pattern. Here is the link to the page for this loom knitted Messy bun hat.

There you will also find tips on how to loom knit the Messy Bun hat using other looms such as the Knifty Knitter loom if you don’t already own the KB Hat Looms (Authentic Knitting Board Hat Loom). You can find both looms at either or Amazon  or most of your top craft stores.

Watch this loom knitting video tutorial and make your own Messy Bun hat that will rival any store-bought hat.

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