Loom Knit A Slouchy Hat And Cowl In One Afternoon

If you are looking for a super easy loom knitting project you can complete in one afternoon this is the loom knitting video tutorial you need to watch. With the season changing this is the perfect time to learn to knit yourself the popular slouchy hat and cowl or if not for yourself a handmade gift for someone else. Whether you are a beginner or a well seasoned loom knitter this 5 minute loom knitting video made by Denise Canela of Loomahat.com will have you sporting a great looking loom knitted hat and cowl in just a few hours.

If you have watched any of the other loom knitting videos made by Denise then you know you are going to get a professionally made video that makes learning to loom knit super easy. I suggest subscribing to her YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=loomahat. There you will find more easy to follow loom knitting videos like this one that will give you plenty of good loom knitting tips and easy to complete projects. The videos at Loomahat.com are full of fantastic visual instructions accompanied by good verbal instructions further backed up by my favorite on-screen instructions.  Each video also takes the time to show you every step from beginning to end. You will start with being shown the supplies and tools you need and taken to the last stitch needed to complete your loom knitting project. All of this is presented in a friendly and relaxing manner that makes you feel like you are sitting around knitting with a friend.

Spend a few minuets with Denise at Loomahat.com to learn a few new knitting skills you can use for many years.

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