Loom Knitting Getting Back To Basics

Every now and then it is good to go back and get the basics. When I started I watched quite a few videos and asked many questions to the more experienced loom knitters around me and I learned the basics. While searching for more good videos to learn from and share I ran across this videos that I thought would be useful to those just starting and to those of us who have learned enough to be dangerous with a loom and may want a little refresher on the basics.

In this basics the teacher goes through some of the basics such as:

  • How to choose which ring to use
  • Which wool to use for different types of projects
  • How to use less expensive wool and still get a good quality look

You get the very basics on the four styles he uses to get different effects depending on the number of strings you use. In the video he covers how to use:

  • 3 strings at once to get a thick heavy hat
  • 2 strings to get a hat with more elasticity and a nice knitting effect
  • 1 string double wrapped which will give the hat a nice thick knitted look on the outside
  • 1 string simple knit style that gives the knitted hat almost a see-through look,

Beginners watch the video to get the basics and everyone else you can watch it to learn something you may have missed when you were learning.



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